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New Electronic Pest Repeller Unique Pest Control

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Introducing The Worlds Most Advanced Electronic Pest Control


Adopts Modern Micro Electronics and Simultaneously and Alternatively Gives Out 3 Different Electronic Waves

Super Low Frequency Electro Magnetic Waves

Ultrasonic Waves

Infrared Ray

The large amplified power output and changeable frequency acts upon the hearing and nervous system of the pests creating a very unpleasant and uncomfortable environment.

The pests will quickly start to move away.

Rats and mice become listless, lose appetite and reproduction energy and leave your property.

Designed as a total pest repeller solution the model has been shown in tests to be particularly effective against mice and rats.

Its also effective against Cochroaches, Ants, Spiders, Bugs, Fleas, Mosquitos.

Utilise in the Home, Office, Restaurant, Supermarket, Shop, Hotel, Hospital, Warehouse

Technical Specification:-

CE Approved

Voltage 220/50Hz

Power Consumption 9W

Electro Magnetic Frequency: 0.8Hz - 8Hz 160 seconds

Ultra Sonic Wave: 20 - 55 khz/55 - 110 khz 80 seconds

Infrared Ray 1.4 - 15 mm 80 seconds

Effective Area Coverage - 100 sq. metres

This model is also available with Euro Plug for your Holiday Homes

Electromagnetic Pest Control

Electromagnetic Pest Control unlike Traditional Pest Control (chemicals, poisons, gases etc.) is completely safe for People Pets and electronics.

Electromagnetic Pest Control uses the wiring within the walls, turning your whole home or office into a giant Pest Repeller. Similar to making a telephone call, when you speak your voice travels through the phone lines at a certain frequency. Electromagnetic Pest Control utilizes your wiring by simply sending a shifting signal through the wire, tuned to irritate the Pests Nervous system. This technology will not affect humans, pets or electronics and doesn't increase your wirings own electromagnetic energy it simply changes the frequency to target small Pests like insects and rodents which easily pick up the changes in the electromagnetic frequencies. The signal is turned on and off every few seconds so the Pests can't build up a tolerance.

Insects communicate through vibrations. Electromagnetic Pest Control vibrations from our Electronic Pest Control Products communicate to the pests, disturbing their receptors and making them feel they are in a hostile area, where they are not welcome as a result it drives them out. Electromagnetic Pest Control confuses pests Making it difficult or impossible for them to gather food, breed and build their nests, or communicate with each other.

Rodents will notice something different about their environment and will feel uneasy and avoid areas where your Electromagnetic Pest Control is working. If you have a Rodent for a pet you shouldn't use electronic pest control, because you'll drive it crazy.

Ultrasonic Pest Control

Ultrasonic Pest Control Utilizes a High Pressure Ultrasonic sound that humans can't hear. If you were a Pest the Ultrasonic Pest Control would be extremely uncomfortable, similar to putting your ear right up next to a loud police siren. The Pests react to the Ultrasonic Pest Control the same way we would to the police siren or any other loud uncomfortable noise and flee far from the source of audio discomfort.

Although Humans and Pets aren't affected by the Ultrasonic Pest Control, Pests are startled, disorientated and absolutely do not enjoy the uncomfortable sounds the Ultrasonic Pest Control delivers.

Ultrasonic Pest Control uses a variable pulse generator, so like the Electromagnetic Pest Control the Pests do not get accustom to the Ultrasonic Pest Control..

You your family and pets will enjoy the safe Pest Free environment that only our Ultrasonic Pest Control provides.

We also supply large area expeller with amplified system available for commercial properties, warehouses - please enquire

Payment can be made by:-

Paypal, Personal Cheque, Bank Transfer

Fast UK Delivery
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